Scotty Chase                                  Macon Lancer                                      Tamika Kim
     Eric Chase          Andrea Chase          Jim Lancer            Kelly Lancer              Ito Kim                 Fuji Kim
     The Bullies        Walking in bay    “What do you see?”   Maglev Station          Sabotage!          Super Station
From the cockpit    Chase 8 cockpit          Shields Up!        Ship enters bay        Ship in bay       He’s getting away!
Still Shots from the Pilot Episode: “Who is Scotty Chase?”
    “The Villain”       Just missed him!        Bully “Flying”       Entering Control   Bomb Explodes!        Living Tube
      “Oops...”             Laser Fires!           It IS a bomb!      Checking on Scotty    Scotty in Ship    Let’s Follow Him!
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