About Scotty Chase
Scotty Chase: 2075 takes us on an adventure with Scotty and his two friends Macon and Tamika in the future of 2075. Using futuretech and other cool gadgets (that they create), these three kids find themselves in the middle of adventure after adventure and have to use their intelligence to thwart evil plans or figure out how to help their parents in their efforts to save the human race. Scotty Chase: 2075 is the story of the transition of humanity from its cradle into our solar system and how this incredible move affects Scotty, his family and friends - and the rest of civilization. Severe and escalating climate change has drastically altered the weather of Earth, so much so that the very survival of humanity is threatened. Unchecked pollution has also managed to kill much of the oceans’ sea life. Earth is dying. A tremendous number of large space stations and moonbases have been and are being constructed to house the refugees from Earth - but it’s not been enough. All of these stations and bases are overcrowded and living conditions are growing worse. Chase Industries has developed the third generation of nanotechnology that allows construction of new space station far quicker than ever before - and Eric Chase and his team are providing these new stations to the people of Earth for free to save those who can’t pay. Competing corporations are livid. Even though Chase Industries is helping the vast majority of refugees charging little or nothing for tickets into space, these competing corporations want Eric Chase and Chase Industries stopped at any cost. If they succeed, billions may die and the future of civilization may be left in the hands of a few greedy individuals that put profit over lives. Eric Chase has begun construction of a super space station around Mars. This station will have the capacity to house billions of people and animals in relative comfort and allow easy access to Mars - another place for humans to colonize and explore. However, certain corporations want this station to be destroyed since they are unable to compete against Chase and his new nanotech process. Once Chase is out of the picture, they can go back to charging whatever they want to people seeking refuge from the weatherbeaten Earth. In our first (two part) episode of Scotty Chase: 2075 - Scotty, Macon and Tamika arrive at the Super Space Station along with their parents. Scotty and his friends find themselves in the middle of a sinister effort to destroy the station and eliminate his father. Plans have been set in motion and in this episode we will discover that these three extra-ordinary kids are the only ones standing in the way of total destruction of the station. And Scotty has a secret - one that he doesn’t even know he has. And that secret could change the relationship with his friends forever.